Changes in VCAP Simulator

Changes in VCAP Simulator

There were several situations where people who scheduled the VCAP Simulator (including sent the confirmation email), didn’t show up at the scheduled time. These people took the place of other people who really wanted to do it and generated unnecessary work.

For this reason, starting on 08/01/2017 the VCAP Simulator will have the minimum donation amount of $10. I do not want to profit from this, it’s only for people really value it commitment, so all the money will be reverted to the community in the form of a course, book or something that helps in the studies.

This saddens me a lot and once again the good guys are paying for the bad guys.

July 2017 – Total 71

Confirmed = 38 (scheduled, confirmed, and accessed the VCAP Simulator)

Canceled = 4 (scheduled, but canceled)

Abandoned = 29  (scheduled and didn’t confirm OR scheduled, confirmed, but didn’t access the VCAP Simulator)

I hope everyone understands my point of view. Thank you!

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